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Pirates continue push for Big 12 ... Justin Timberlake lobbies for Memphis ... Good fits for a new-look American ... CFP schedule revised ... Tebow mulls future ... Aaron Hernandez's brother adjusts ... Vikings extend Zimmer's contract ... Glen Rice Jr. arrested ... Walker's 65 holds up for first-round lead ... John Daly emerged 25 years ago ... Controversy continues over Jim Thorpe's remains ... More from Al Myatt...



Vines snatched up hometown offer

When you’re playing alongside a major college recruit and one of the most productive high school receivers in the state you can be easily overshadowed. But that situation only served as motivation for Mydreon Vines last season at Greenville’s Rose High School. ... More from Sammy Batten...

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Robert Morgan, advocate for ECU, passes

Robert Morgan confided in a 2007 interview that he went to East Carolina because his family couldn't afford for him to go to nearby Campbell.

Morgan, who succumbed Saturday at age 90 after a lengthy career in political service and private law practice, was one of six children who grew up in house that didn't have running water or electricity. ... More from Al Myatt...

Flashback: The Battle for East Carolina

(Editor's note: From the archives of Bonesville The Magazine)

Football coaches sometimes say, “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog,” when describing the value of heart and perseverance in adverse circumstances. “I was always too small to play any ball,” said former United States Senator Robert Morgan, who graduated from East Carolina when it was a vastly different center of higher learning. ... More from Al Myatt (from the 2007 edition of Bonesville the Magazine)...

Flashback: Don't take the 'chip' lightly

(Editor's note: From the archives of

Did you ever wonder about the genuine origin of that collective chip on the shoulder that is associated with East Carolina partisans?

Even among those of us who matriculated at ECU in the 'sixties and 'seventies, there are many who misguidedly think of the chip's history in relation to athletics. ... More from Danny Whitford (from in 2007)...


Rock Hill ties help ECU land Howard

Jerry Howard's formative years in football were spent playing the offensive and defensive lines because of his size. But instead of knocking opponents down as a blocker, Howard uses that heft to run foes over these days. ... More from Sammy Batten...

ECU recruiting class of 2107 thumbnail sketches...



'B-Will,' 'Mags' back in new roles

Even if they are just graduate assistants, paying their dues and aspiring to work their way up the coaching ladder, there is a reassurance about seeing Damon Magazu and Brandon Williams listed with the East Carolina football roster. ... More from Al Myatt...

Pictured: East Carolina alums Brandon Williams, left, and Damon Magazu, right, left their marks on the field as stalwart players for the Pirates. Now they are impacting the program again as they make the transition into coaching as defensive graduate assistants. (W.A. Myatt photo)


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"You are meant to play the ball as it lies, a fact that may help to touch on your own objective approach to life." — Grantland Rice, sportswriter [Archives]




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